My interest in natural medicine began in college when my mom was sick with cancer. After accompanying her to her many doctors appointments it became clear to me that her treatments were so focused on "killing the cancer cells" that she, her whole self, was lost in the process.  She made a full recovery in part, I believe, because she had discovered and incorporated many natural healing methods into her treatment plan.  I learned a lot about our medical system through this experience and it wasn't until I found Naturopathic Medicine that I was sure this approach was the one that I longed for myself, as a patient, and as a potential doctor.

When I myself was diagnosed with Lyme disease I had the tools to get well using both naturopathic and conventional medical approaches.  

I want my patients to be an integral part of their healing.  There is no one substance that can cure without the involvement and interest of the person it is being administered to.  The key is finding where the healing lies and working together to achieve it.  I am a detective at heart and work diligently to figure out where the dysfunction lies and how to turn it around in the gentlest, least invasive way possible.  

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